Chris Walker, Christopher Developments, Victoria BC

Christopher Developments is a luxury home design and build firm in Victoria BC. Read what he had to say about his experience with Warmboard and crew.

“The whole Warmboard crew and experience were great. The Regional Manager for my area was informative, responsive, and extremely helpful. I really can’t emphasize enough how enjoyable it was to deal with him.

I have to admit, Warmboard was expensive, in part due to the fact that we’re out of Canada, which adds some costs. That being said, I feel confident that as a radiant floor heating system, the benefits justify the costs. Warmboard truly is a superior product, and is worth the investment.

Not only is the product great, it was thoroughly enjoyable working with the Warmboard crew. You delivered on every promise. The service from everyone on the Warmboard team made it as smooth of a process as I could hope for. The product lives up to every claim, what I ordered showed up, and the installation was an easy one.

I don’t want to repeat myself, but Warmboard really is an all-around great company. So much so, that I already have another project in the works with Sean. This is certainly a product I will be recommending to future clients.”

Video provided by Chris Walker.